• Why a Professional Agent Wants to do Viewings

    This is an actual example that illustrates just one of the reasons why we do viewings for our clients. Not so long ago we were selling a flat, in nice condition, but nothing particularly remarkable about it. An older lady wanted to come and see it, it turned out she was starting to have some mobility issues and wanted to downsize from a two storey house. When she arrived for the viewing she was with five other members of her family, children and grand children.Read More »
  • Property Videos

    The way consumers use the Internet and social media is ever changing. It is estimated that 74% of all internet traffic is now video content. So, when it comes to selling your house whilst great photography and floor plans remain essential, a good video of your property is something to seriously consider.Read More »
  • 4th Quarter 2017 Market Review

    UK average house price growth in 2017 was 2.6%. However the figures for Scotland mirrored the national average.Read More »