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Instructing a Home Buyers Report

Instructing a Home Buyers Report

You have decided to sell your home and you are going to need a Home Buyers Report. Here are some tips on how to go about it.

The chartered surveyor is going to put their own independent valuation on your property and naturally you want this to as high as possible and whilst a surveyor will be objective and fact based in the way they arrive at their value, there is always a degree of subjectivity.

Therefore the surveyor will be influenced by your homes appearance internally and externally, just as a house buyer will be viewing your property. So make sure its looking it's best when the surveyor comes.

Don't neglect some of the more mundane aspects of your property. Ensure exterior woodwork is looking clean and fresh, gutters and downpipes are in good working order and cleaned out if necessary, that there are no dislodged or missing roof tiles etc, etc. Dealing with these will ensure the condition report is as good as possible.

If you have had any significant work done to your property in the last few years try and have any invoices or guarantees to hand, to show the surveyor. Things like new double glazing, roof repairs or replacement, insulation, new boiler etc.

Don't choose a surveyor based purely on their fee. Not all mortgage lenders recognise all surveyors. You don't want a problem with your buyers lender not accepting your Home Buyers Report, and possibly instructing their own valuation. A professional estate agent will be happy to advise you in appointing a surveyor who knows the local market and who is recognised by all the major lenders.

Date Posted: 03/04/2019

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