Does Décor Matter?

Posted: 16th December 2016

Does Décor Matter?  I am frequently asked does it matter, it’s only paint, and there is no point in decorating to sell, as the next person will change it.

Surely people can see past what I have and do there own thing !

I know there are times when no money is available or there is a timing issue to get the property on the market as soon as possible. BUT

The short answer is YES it matters a lot. The presentation of your home or property is one of the four cornerstones to getting not only a sale but also the best price. (see my blog called “What’s My House Worth”).

Not only is it easy to forget that your property is being judged by the photos shown on the Internet. Buyers browsing the internet are making snap decisions and comparing your property against all the others for sale and no body wants to have to re-decorate the moment they move in.

Next the important question of style of decoration and what colours to use. What colours are in fashion (obviously this changes with fashions) but also carpets and curtains is an evolving subject. At the time of writing this, good old Magnolia on walls is a No No. Clean simple white is the base colour to use, One brand is called “Timeless” it’s not such a brilliant white that you need sunglasses on but it lifts and brightens up rooms.

If I am having this conversation in real life, with someone who is wanting to sell. This is the point where they give me inquisitive looks, Is Paul giving me more jobs to do before selling, will this really make a difference. YES IT WILL, it will add more value than the cost of the painting and it may add thousands to your sale price; it could also be the difference of weather you sell or don’t sell.

So here is a good example taken from a real situation in 2014 when the property market was picking up after the economic recession. Four identical 3 bed semi detached house on a modern housing estate.

House 1

Sold in 4 weeks (2014 selling times were rarely quicker) 

Price – FULL Asking Price.  -  Clean, neutral interior throughout.

House 2

Sold in 6 weeks (2014 selling times were rarely quicker) 

Price – FULL Asking Price.

Clean, neutral interior with one feature wall.

House 3

Sold in 7 weeks (2014 selling times were rarely quicker) 

Price – FULL Asking Price.

Clean, neutral interior throughout.

House 4

31 weeks to sell and even after some changes made the accepted offer was £8,000 less than the other three properties.

Clear evidence that decoration matter, simple neutral is un offensive and will fit in with any furniture and the new owners can simple live with the decoration until they get around to making personal choice about décor.

At Paul Rolfe, we give free advice on all matters regarding selling your property. We would rather help you maximize the potential than take on a property in a condition that makes less on the market.

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