Meeting buyers face to face is always best

Why Paul Rolfe Shows Buyers Round Your Property

Who actually sells your house if your agent or solicitor expects you to do the viewings?

There are many advantages for a seller if a professional estate agent shows prospective buyers around your home.

  • A professional agent knows how to learn from buyers what their motivations are, what features in a property are important to them, and show them how your property can meet their requirements.

  • A professional agent knows how to qualify prospective buyers and to get a better impression of how serious and motivated they are, which is important knowledge to have when it comes to negotiating a sale.

  • It is a well known fact that if owners are not present, buyers are more relaxed, feel less that they are intruding and spend longer viewing a property, all of which benefits an agent in their objective of getting the best deal for their seller clients.

  • If you do your own viewings, most people being polite and not wishing to offend, are very unlikely to tell you if they have any negative thoughts or concerns about your property.

  • They are much more likely to tell an Agent what they really think. If we know what prospective buyers find negative about your property, we can take steps to fix the problems.

  • A professional agent will also know and be able to put across positive aspects of buying your property or moving into the area that buyers had not previously considered.

  • As the seller you avoid having to answer awkward questions such as “What is the lowest price you will take for your home?” or “What are the neighbours like?”. Some sellers would be comfortable handling such questions, others would not.

  • As a professional agent, and having met face to face your prospective buyer, a relationship has been established, which is another advantage when it comes to negotiating the best offer we can for the sale of your home.